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Welcome to Social People Coaching and Consulting

Social People Coaching and Consulting combines a unique blend of extensive human resources and coaching expertise with the power of social media know-how to support your career journey and or accelerate your business or personal social media presence.

Whether you are facing a career dilemma or transition or have a business challenge to overcome, through my coaching services I provide you with the space and support for these to be explored and navigated whilst being appropriately guided and challenged.  My approach is pragmatic, future facing and action orientated.

Ultimately, I support individuals to realise their potential and to confidently believe in the value they deliver, whether this be through working for an organisation or running a business.

Through my social media training services, I also support small businesses in telling their story and communicating their brand identity via social media.

I am also Founder of ‘Flexible Working Mums Hertford’, a social media community campaign which launched in 2017 to support and empower local women with their careers post children whilst promoting and celebrating flexible working success.

“I found my career coaching sessions with Eleanor invaluable!  Eleanor was so approachable and I instantly felt at ease. I gained so much from the sessions, it was amazing to have that time with no distractions to really focus on me and my business. Eleanor, knowing I was a visual person, helped me work through tricky decisions and define my goals with lots of creative and visual tools which suited me so well. I came anyway feeling so much more confident and way more productive. I was able to tackle projects I’d been putting off for months. I would highly recommend Eleanor.”

Charlie, Business Owner

“I feel lucky to have had Eleanor as my coach. During our meeting, she was able to grasp complex situations and offer a refreshing perspective which I hadn’t thought about. Eleanor is very pragmatic and outcome driven in her approach. Each session we would discuss something concrete I would like to achieve so I always felt like I was making progress.   As a result of our meetings, I significantly reduced my work stress and Eleanor helped me to view an overwhelming environment in clearer terms.

As a result of our meetings, I feel that my self esteem at work increased. Eleanor helped me focus on my achievements and strengths rather than dwell on insecurities and perceived failures. Her approach is empowering, result oriented whilst kind and warm at the same time.  I would have no hesitation to recommend Eleanor to anyone who is looking to make improvements to their professional life – it is invaluable to have someone like her in your corner rooting for you.”

Karina, Senior Manager

“Thanks for your help with our recruitment campaign. As of this morning we now have four confirmed new starters, all joining us flexibly. I’m really excited about all of them and what they’re going to bring to our business.  Once they are on board we’ll be a team of six plus three freelancers with all but two of us working part-time around young children – an amazing realisation of the vision we talked about last summer, and I couldn’t have got to this point without your help.”

Deri, Managing Director.

“I attended a two-hour social media ‘Knowledge Burst’ session with Eleanor. It was so informative with alternative ways of thinking about the social media platforms and which ones would benefit our specific business. I came away with an action plan and some great hints and tips. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is stuck on moving forwards on social media.”

Lorraine, Managing Director.